• National Junior Honor Society Overview 

    For more information about Santan's chapter of NJHS, please contact Taylor Standifird or Emily Fortney. (standifird.taylor@cusd80.com or fortney.emily@cusd80.com) 
    The National Junior Honor Society is the leader among organizations and societies that promote appropriate recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship,character, leadership, and service.
    You will be invited to apply for NJHS based off of high academic achievement throughout your 7th grade year.  You must maintain high grades if you join NJHS.
    During your membership in NJHS, you are expected to follow all school rules and to act with high character, which includes all the pillars of character: respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  You should not receive in behavior CARE infractions or any office referrals.  Office referrals will result in immediate suspension from NJHS.
    Acts of leadership can be small or large. We will work on developing your leadership skills during the year.  What does being a leader mean to you? 
    Please remember that a minimum of 20 hours are required order to fulfill your commitment to NJHS.
    10-School hours for Santan events + 10-Community service hourse = 20 hours total
    Some ideas for service include...
    1. Take a life saving class.
    2. Ask a teacher to help before or after school. 
    3. Volunteer at a nursing home. 
    4. Run or walk in a charitable race.
    5. Volunteer at sporting events.
    6. Babysit for free. 
    7. Help a neighbor in need (cleaning, walking animals, etc)
    8. Tutor. 
    9. Help at the school dances.
    10. Help at the quarterly sports banquets.
    11. Make emergency kits for your home.
    12. Collect money for a good cause.
    13. Support the Fitness Works Fund raiser.
    14. Support the animal drive (time & donations)
    15.  Help clean your local parks.  Keep the community clean:)
    16.  Read aloud to younger students (kinder-buddies)
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Last Modified on July 17, 2019