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Position: Science
Room: 82
Phone: (480) 883-4682
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Hello, my name is Mr. H., this is my second year at San Tan Jr. High. I am an Arizona native, and once a student at the Chandler Unified School District. Before teaching, I was a camp counselor for 3 years so making class fun is in my nature. Other than teaching my other interest are sneakers, music, soccer, nature and traveling.

My Education and Professional Background

I am a CUSD student starting at Riggs Elementary and a Basha High School 2015 graduate. I am also a 2020 ASU graduate with a degree in Secondary Education: Biology.

My Educational Philosophy

As a student, our roles in the classroom should be that of a scientist and artist. As the scientist, we must look at the world around us and question how it functions from the flowers booming to the idea of how science has such an impact on human experience. The artist side is there to create a connection with emotion and experiences. The educator’s role is to help the students interpret their ideas. It is our responsibility to show students how to navigate the path of discovery by offering them the tools. Educators should be seen as a mentor rather than a person who stands in the front of the class who lectures. As a mentor we are able to create a stronger sense of trust with students and a bond of friendship.

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