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Position: Specialized Classroom
Room: 17
Phone: (480)883-4737
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Selamat Datang! (Welcome in Malaysian). Hi, I can't wait to do lots of learning while having fun in our class with all of you. Let's have a great year!

My Education and Professional Background

I have a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accounting and Finance) from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. I have been in special education since 2010. I started out working with children with visual impairment and multiple disabilities at the Royal National Institute for the Blind, London, England (RNIB-Sunshine House). I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion, working with children with multiple disabilities in the ADPTS and self-contained program at Santan Junior High since 2012.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe in creating a learning environment where each students feel safe, special and motivated plus building a positive relationship among parent, student and teacher. An environment that is safe provides a sense of security and belonging, which encourages creative and critical thinking when tasks become challenging. An environment that makes a child feel special inspires confidence and a love for learning. An environment that is motivating builds perseverance and depth of knowledge. With that, goals can be accomplished. I also believe fostering independence and learning proper social skill is important. Together we can make a difference in your child.

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