• Google Apps for Education

    As part of our efforts to give our students access to 21st century learning tools, we provide all of our Santan students with a free Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account to use here at school and at home. This account helps them access their work at school or at home, and on both school devices and personal devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones (students can add their Google accounts to iPhones or Android phones). The use of Google Drive allows students to collaborate and share files with peers and teachers, and Google Calendar can help students manage their time using school computers or their personal devices. Students will learn how to access their Google accounts at school, and these accounts should only be used for school-related purposes.

    Santan takes student privacy seriously, and so does Google. Although Gmail is currently enabled for student accounts, we have configured their accounts so that students can only send/receive e-mail to/from other Santan teachers … they are blocked from sending or receiving e-mail outside of our private GAFE domain, and blocked from communicating with other Santan students via Gmail. You can read more about Google’s commitment to student privacy, and read answers to commonly asked questions regarding Google Apps for Education and their compliance with federal legislation dealing with student privacy.

    Although Google, CUSD, and Santan have taken several steps to create the safest learning environment possible for our students, there are always students who make extraordinary efforts to bypass our safety measures, or use their accounts inappropriately. Students are responsible for their actions both online and offline, and students who use their accounts inappropriately will be disciplined accordingly, including (but not limited to) the loss of technology privileges at school or suspension of their GAFE accounts.

    Students leaving Santan may wish to take their Google Drive files with them. Students can either manually move Google account data to another account, or download their data to archive it or use it in a different service.