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Santan Junior High Finals Schedule

Please review the Finals Schedule below:  


Santan Junior High Final Exam Schedule Spring 2017 
(Day 2 Electives will test on Friday May 26th following a normal day's schedule.) 



May 30th - Day 1 Elective

May 31st -Day 1 Elective

1st Hour

9:06 - 10:22

3rd Hour

9:06 - 10:22

2nd Hour

10:28 - 11:44

4th Hour

10:28 - 11:44

3rd Hour (Study Hall)

11:50- 1:04

5th Hour

11:50- 1:04

* Periods are 76 minutes long/6 minute breaks

  • Comprehensive finals will be given at the end of each semester. 
  • Finals will be averaged into the students’ grade at the end of the semester with a 10% weight. 
  • If the student is absent for their final, they will have two weeks to make up the exam (June 5th through June 16th).  Please contact the front office to schedule a time.  
  • If a student chooses not to make up the examination once missed, it will be counted as a zero.  
  • Once the final has been made up, the new grade will be reflected in Infinite Campus.