• EXPLORE Testing

    All 8th grade students at Santan JHS took the EXPLORE test from October 22-23. This test is designed to show students where their academic strengths lie, and to use that information to help them plan their high school course selection and reflect on possible career options. You can find out more information about the test by visiting the EXPLORE Test website, or reading this letter from CUSD Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Craig Gilbert.

    Lunch schedules will also be modified to accommodate our testing schedule. For the testing week only, teams will have the following lunches:

    A Lunch Teams 7A, 7B, 7C
    B Lunch Teams 7/8A, 8C, 8D
    C Lunch Teams 7D, 8A, 8B


    Test Results

    If you received your child's EXPLORE test results, this presentation may be helpful in interpreting the information.

Last Modified on December 18, 2013