• Parents and students, THANK YOU for taking the time to explore our website, as it contains valuable information regarding our teaching philosophy, academic policies, and general student information.  

    TEAM PHILOSOPHY:                                         

               To prepare our 8th grade students for success in high school, and beyond. 

    • TEAM MOTTO:        

                "Student responsibility breeds SUCCESS!"  Making mistakes and problem-solving facilitate learning.  We (parents AND
                 teachers) are here to support and teach students along the way, but ultimately, they are responsible for their own
                 academic success.  We encourage students to self-advocate when they need help or clarification. 


               Education is a collaborative process, involving students, teachers, parents, and administration.  If you have questions
               or concerns, after encouraging your child to discuss theirs with us, please contact us.  We look forward to working
               together as a team to find ways to enable your student to be successful and confident.   


     Mrs. Carrillo - Math
     Mrs. Frank - Language Arts  
    Mr. Mayes - Social Studies  
    Mrs. Plona - Science