• In 2010, the Arizona Legislature enacted Arizona Revised Statute §15-241 (A.R.S. §15-241) to create the A-F Letter Grade accountability system, which was adopted in June 2011 by the State Board of Education. The A-F Letter Grades are designed to place equal value on current year achievement and longitudinal academic growth, specifically the growth of all students as well as a school's lowest achieving students. Based on testing conducted during the 2013-2014 school year, Santan JHS received 135.0 points, which equals a "B" rating. An "A" rating is earned when scores are in the 140-200 range. Our score was computed as follows:
    Possible Points Category Our Score
    100 points Proficiency Rating 87% of 100 points 87 points
    50 points Median SGP (All Students) 48% of 50 points 24 points
    50 points Media SGP (Lower Quartile) 48% of 50 points 24 points
    200 points  TOTAL   135 points

     If you are interested in more information on our label, please call Mrs. Kowalinski, Principal, at (480) 883-4600. Thank you!