• Thank you for your interest in Santan's Yearbook class! This is a year-long class for creative students who like to use the computer in creative ways to support our school! This page explains more about the class, as well as how to apply to participate. 

    What does this class do?

    Our Yearbook class will be responsible for producing our annual yearbook. This class will focus on photography, photo editing, typography and page layout. Specific responsibilities include:

    • researching different layouts and topics
    • writing articles, captions, and headlines
    • taking pictures and interviewing students and teachers
    • designing yearbook pages with sound design principles
    • marketing and selling the yearbook

    How do I get into Yearbook?

    Because of the responsibilities included in this class, students must apply to be considered.  Complete the application form online or in person.  

    Complete the application form on time.  
    The first step is to complete this online application form. You can also complete the paper yearbook application instead.  Please make sure to allow enough time (probably about 15 minutes) to thoughtfully answer each question using complete sentences (when required). Your application must be submitted by Friday, January 31.

    Do I have to have computer experience to take part in this class?

    Computer experience is helpful, but not required ... I am looking for students who are comfortable with computers, but also creative, hard-working, responsible, and good team players! The ideal student for either of these classes is someone who:

    • is able to meet deadlines and submit work on time
    • is dependable and responsible
    • shows leadership and drive
    • models excellent behavior at all times
    • has solid writing skills
    • is proficient with computers
    • shows great attention to detail
    • is creative
    • can work well with a wide range of students
    • can attend events after school to take pictures
    • is committed to creating a quality product (photos, yearbooks, etc.) that all students and staff will enjoy!

    You don't have to exhibit all of these qualities to be considered for the class, but the more the better!

    If you have any questions about this class or the application process, please contact me by e-mail or by stopping by room 63. Thank you again for your time ... I'm looking forward to working with outstanding yearbook classes next year!

    - Ms. Johnson

Last Modified on January 5, 2020