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    Sports Medicine Program

    This is a two-year program that results in your students prepared to enter entry-level college pre-medical coursework classes. Students will obtain the skills expected by universities and medical programs for entry-level in to their programs

    There is a $25 class fee for each class. Please pay this class fee in the bookstore ASAP.  If you have any problems with this fee please see me or the bookstore clerk.


    Sports Medicine Year One

     Students in Year One of the program will learn the basics of the health care system and Sports Medicine basics including but not limited to: basic terminology, legal/ethics, athletic training room management (budgeting and facility design), career research, environmental conditions, emergency procedures (CPR and first aid), basic anatomy, various injuries/illnesses (prevention, treatment, and management for major joints), nutrition, and concussions (current research on management).   This is going to be an exciting year in Sports Medicine.


    Sports Medicine Year Two

    Students in Year Two of the program will review the curriculum learned in Year One. Students will go more in-depth on the Sports Medicine basics including but not limited to: basic terminology,  legal/ethics, athletic training room management (budgeting and facility design), basic anatomy, various injuries/illnesses (prevention, treatment, and management for major joints), rehabilitation, psychology, abdominal injuries, general medical conditions, nutrition, resume and interviews, and OSHA certification.



    Infinite Campus   

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    I am aware that the system does NOT round up grades automatically, but I will be doing that before grades are posted permanently at the end of each term.  I round up when a student's grade is .49 or less below the next letter grade percentage. For example a 79.55 = 80.00%; but a 78.55 does NOT = 80%.  Also, with the new updates to Infinite Campus, when teachers grade on a 40/40/20 scale the grade shown is ONLY the CURRENT 40%, NOT the combined grade of both quarters. (I use 40/40/20).



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