• English Language Arts-Grade 7

    Mrs. Meador Room 85


    Academic Standards

    There are 5 main standards that we will be focusing on throughout each quarter of the school year:

    Reading Literature (RL)                                      

    Reading Informational (RI)                      

    Writing (W)

    Language (L)

    Speaking and Listening (SL)                                      

    Each of these standards will be addressed throughout the quarter via non-fictional related research, reading a related novel,  writing informational and argument pieces, and presenting findings just to name a few learning objectives.  Students will be presented with a daily learning goal and related activities that match that particular learning objective as it relates to the standards. 


    These books will be read entirely in class (mostly). Books will be provided. If you would like to purchase a copy or an audio copy, you may but it is not required. In addition, we will read poetry and informational text that connects to the themes of the novels as we read.


    On level 7

    · Units from the “My Perspectives” textbook

    · The Outsiders

    · Out of My Mind

    · Absolutely Normal Chaos

    · The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

    · Various independent reads that correlate to our textbook selections

     Students will read a variety of the books listed above, and may also read books from the 7th grade reserved list which you can find on the CUSD website under curriculum.


    Homework Expectations

    • We will read several exciting novels together in ELA. The majority of the learning will occur in the classroom due to the required books that don’t go home…. but some unfinished work may be needed to be completed at home on certain occasions.
    • Research assignments will be done entirely in class, but you may have to print articles at home. If you need help with printing, please ASK ahead of time.
    • Vocabulary homework such as literature novel words and Greek/Latin roots will be assigned when we begin the reading of the novels. Often times, it may be started in class, but will need to be finished at home.
    • As with the activities listed above, most writing will be started in class, but certain times students need to go home to continue brainstorming, begin writing, or to revise and edit their piece.  Final publication might be completed in class or at home using Google Classroom.

     Grading Scale 

    Percentage values are as follows: 

     90-100%  A  

    80-89%  B  

    70-79%  C  

    60-69%  D 

    50-59%  F   

    ·        Please refer to the Santan Junior High late work policy regarding late work penalties.

    Supplies and Materials Needed Daily

    • Reusable Water Bottle-water fountains will not be available.
    • Pocket folder for your ELA work  
    • 1 colored grading pen (red or blue)
    • 1 Spiral notebook
    • Independent reading book (when required)
    • Pencils and colored pencils/colored pens (optional)



    General Guidelines for Success

    - Stay organized! It is helpful to clean out your binders/folders at least once a week.

    - Read for enjoyment purposes and to expand your way of thinking.  We will be reading the first ten minutes of class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    - Use Infinite Campus to check grades at least once a week. Check with me if you see anything that concerns you, such as low tests grades or missing assignments.

    - Check Google Classroom at least a few times a week for upcoming due dates, and assignments you still need to make up or print from when you were absent.

    - Advocate for yourself! If you have questions or concerns, ASK! Teachers are here for YOU! Chances are, we can help! :)