• Mr Arrington's  US history class
     Welcome to History!
    In order to know where you are going you must first know where you have been.
    Within this course we will do just that, as we explore the major points of the United States and World's History. Follow our journey through time this year by visiting our web site and google classroom for announcements, assignments, links, and tips.
    Note Google classroom will be where you will find day to day work and assignments the calander here will be more for overall unit pacing.
    Responsibility: Students will succeed if they take charge of their own learning.
    Respect: Students will succeed when they assist in creating an atmosphere of respect and seek to help each other. 
    Learning: Take your job seriously and push yourself to excel by completing  assignments and homework.
    Participation: Your opinion and previous knowledge makes for a better class.
    If there are any questions please feel free-to contact Mr Arrington via his email at Arrington.David@cusd80.com
    or by phone at 480-224-2869

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