• Mr Arrington

    A little about Mr Arrington. I was born and raised right here in the Gilbert area where I graduated from Gilbert High School and later Arizona State University. At ASU I earned my Bachelors degree in secondary education with a focus in history. In addition to studying history I also had a minor in Spanish and have a love for learning about the different cultures of the world.
    Many people ask why I became a teacher and I answer because I love both teaching and seeing students learn and grasp new concepts or ideas that they may have known little about previously. But in addition I enjoy learning from my students who through discussions many times bring up questions or ideas I have not thought of before.
    Finally I also know history can at times be a challenging and demanding course. That being said I ask you to take that risk and participate in the class discussions because every person's comment is valued in my class and will help us on our journey of rediscovering the past. I also challenge you to give me your best if you do his I know we will have a fun and successful year.   I look forward to meeting and working with each of you.