• DeCristofaro, Lorena


    Introduction to ART

    Semester course

    Lorena DeCristofaro

    Perry High School

    Introduction to ART is a survey course.

    In this  class I introduce  students to the basic elements of art going from the simplest to a more complex one.

    Students learn the definition of each element as well as additional information for that particular art element:


    LINE:  5 basic lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved and zigzag, as well as what does each line transmits in a piece of art)

    Semester 1 & 2 : Students also learn the concepts of contour, outline, calligraphy line, implied line, and gesture. They create samples of these lines in their sketchbooks.

    Students learn how to create calligraphic lines using either water color or Indian ink.


    SHAPE: students learn the definition of shape, that it is 2 dimensional as well as positive shape/space, negative shape/space, organic shape and geometric shape.

    Semester 1&2:  students create a small art piece in their sketchbooks using geometric shapes on their background with light colors. They then apply a second layer using free form shapes using deeper colors/matte and finally apply a layer of a set of initials that are distorted using a black marker.


    FORM: Students learn the definition of form , value and value chart.

     Students create a new value chart now focusing, not only the value changes, but also in their Hatching technique.

    Semester 1 or 2 (interchangeably):

    Students draw an object using hatching for their shading technique. They focus an all elements of art learned before.


    TEXTURE: the last element of art taught is texture. Students learn the definitions for ( real ) texture, simulated texture, &  invented texture.

    Semester 1&2:  Students will create different types of projects that will represent or transmit various textures.

    The elements of art and principles of design will always be the same; however, art projects will vary depending on the size and level of each class. In Introduction to art Students will be exposed to a variety of media as well as projects.


    There will be a FINAL vocabulary exam worth 20% of the total grade at the end of the semester.

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