• Drawing and Painting1



    DRAWING and Painting1

    Semester course

    Lorena DeCristofaro

    Perry High School


    In Drawing and Painting 1 we will learn about the basic elements of art as well as the principles of design.

    ELEMENTS OF ART:  line, shape, form, value and texture.

    PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN: balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity.
    Students learn the definition of each element and principle as well as additional information for that particular art element or principle.

    Most if not all projects will be done in black and white during this course, using a variety of media such as pencil, charcoal, ebony pencils, black and white paint or India ink.


    In Beginning drawing students will learn or continue learning about drawing techniques and how to create value changes. This will allow students to realize, this is the way to create FORM ( 3 dimensional object on a 2 dimensional surface-paper )

    The class will start with renderings of  single objects, continuing to a variety of objects in  a still life. Students will use view finders, and draw thumbnail sketches to assure the selection of  a good composition.


    Emphasis will be placed on drawing from observation.


    Students will develop their artistic abilities by experimenting with pencil, charcoal and pastels. Towards the end of the semester students May be exposed to color and/or paint to establish an interest and create the possibility of taking Advanced drawing and painting in the future. 


    There will be  a vocabulary final exam worth 20% of the total grade at the end of the semester.

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