• Who is an AVID Student?

    AVID targets students in the academic middle - A, B, or even C students - who have the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. These are students who are capable of completing rigorous curriculum but are falling short of their potential. AVID pulls these students out of their unchallenging courses and puts them on the college track: acceleration instead of remediation.

    An AVID Student Is ...An AVID Student Is Not ...
    • A "middle to upper middle" academic student
    • A student who can be successful in honors courses with extra support
    • A student who can handle rigorous curriculum and high expectations
    • A student who expresses a desire to go to college but may not have parents who attended college
    • A student who is positive, has a good attitude, and a strong work ethic
    • A student who has a grade point average (GPA) between 2.5 and 3.5
    • A student who maintains at least a “B” average consistently
    • A student who may come from a group that is traditionally underrepresented in 4-year universities
    • An "at-risk" student
    • A D or F student, or a student who needs remediation
    • A current honors student, or a student who is earning mostly As
    • A student who has trouble meeting deadlines or completing homework assignments
    • A behavior problem
    • A student with attendance problems
    • A student who is unmotivated and has a poor work ethic

    Expectations of an AVID Student

    • Take Cornell notes in each academic class
    • Be positive, encouraging, and supportive of their classmates
    • Act as a role model in behavior for peers
    • Understand the importance of learning and of achieving academic success
    • Demonstrate commitment to themselves and to their studies
    • Learn by asking questions (inquiry), rather than having answers provided for them
    • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes
    • Maintain enrollment in college-preparatory classes
    • Maintain an AVID three-ring binder
    • Participate in weekly tutorials
    • Participate in extracurricular activities, field trips, and community service
    • Prepare for college entrance exams
Last Modified on January 6, 2014