• Reflection Room

    Purpose of the Reflection Room is to encourage students to reflect on their behavior. The Reflection Room is designed as an alternative for students whose behavior or actions require that they be removed from the regular classroom setting. The Reflection Room should set an atmosphere of care and respect for the school. The Reflection Room is used when the teacher's classroom management plan has failed to produce the desired results with the student.

    Reflection Room Policies/Procedure:

    1. The teacher fills out the top of the Reflection Room Contract indicating the student's departing time and the student's offense.
    2. The referring teacher calls or emails the Reflection Room to let the monitor know a student is on their way.
    3. The student enters the room quietly and takes the seat by the assigned monitor.
    4. The student must reflect on the behavior requiring them to attend the Reflection Room. Contracts must be filled out by the student using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The Reflection Room Advisor will check the contract for completion before signing.
    5. Student will take their copy of the Reflection Contract with them to show to their teacher and then take it home for parent signature.
    6. Referring teacher will contact parents regarding the Reflection Room referral.
    7. The Reflection Room Contract must be returned before school the following day. The consequence for not returning a Contract is lunch detention until the signed contract is returned.
    8. Students who receive five or more Reflection Room referrals in a school year will be seen by an administrator and assigned additional consequences. As the number of Reflection Room referrals increase the severity of the consequences also increases, ranging from lunch detention to off-campus suspension. Students who have an excessive amount of Reflection Room referrals may be referred for alternative school placement within the Chandler School District.
Last Modified on July 18, 2016