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     Infinite Campus is the grading and attendance program used by CUSD.  Please set up your account, keep your password handy, and access it frequently. 
    Science grades will be updated as quickly as possible.  Please keep in mind that many assignments are project-based and will take longer than other assignments to score.  This is a school-to-home communication that you can count on! 
    As you check Infinite Campus for science class, you will see that assignments are scored under the learning goal category.  This is to help me track the unit objectives students are mastering and/or struggling with.  Your child should be able to communicate the current learning goal to you as we reflect on them multiple times during the class period.  However, they are available here for you, as well.  The goals are smaller chunks of our curriculum. 
    I feel strongly that students, teachers, and parents need to work together to insure success!  As a result, parents are asked to check Infinite Campus with their child every two weeks, to reflect on the learning, and to sign the class monitoring log.  However, please keep in mind that I love to hear from parents and students throughout the year.  Drop me an email any time you have any concerns, questions, or compliments!
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