• Lil' Explorers Child Development Centers - Basha
    High Site 
      Child care for children ages
    2 weeks through Pre-K.
    3 and 5 Full day
    schedules available.
    Monday - Friday
    Open to the public
     Call or email to set up a time 
    for a tour and ask questions:
    Phone: 480.224.2139
    Office located between C106 and C107
    Snacks and lunch provided
    by CUSD Nutrition
    Licensed and Regulated by:
    Arizona Dept. Of Health Services,
    Office of Childcare Licensure
    150 N. 18th Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    Inspection reports are available
    in the Site Coordinators office
    or online at www.azdhs.gov


    The first years of a child's life are extremely important to
    his/her future growth and development.  Our goal is to
    provide an environment that encourages and supports
    each child's natural eagerness to explore and experience
    new things.  Through daily interactions with our
    responsive and affectionate caregivers, children experience
    positive and self-esteem building relationships.


    Part of Lil' Explorers Child Development Center's 
    mission is to be a caring community that values each
    child's individuality.  It is important to us to awaken
    possibilities in children through nurturing, learning and
    engaging experiences.

    Our goal is to be a trusted partner with our families and
    ensure that each child is receiving the best care and
    support while attending our centers.
    Learning and fun go hand in hand at Lil' Explorers. 
    Each week and month brings a new theme with hands-on
    activities that encourage each child's natural eagerness
    to explore and learn new things. These activities follow
    the Arizona Early Learning Standards, which are designed
    to strengthen
    kindergarten readiness skills and promote
    growth and development in young children
    Each day all of our classroom schedules and activity plans 
    provide ample
    opportunity for individual and group
    activities. During these times the children explore early
    literacy, math, science, social studies and
    skills along with dramatic play, music & movement and










    "As you consider whether to move a child into formal academic training,
    remember that we want our children
    to do more than just learn how to read and write;
    we want them to learn in such a way that they become lifelong readers and writers. 
    If we push our children to start learning these skills too far ahead
    of their own spontaneous interest and their capacity,
    we may sacrifice the long-range goal of  having them enjoy such pursuits."
    ~Lillian Katz~

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