Just when you thought you knew your toddler...
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    Our multi age classroom includes our two year olds and is
    located in room C107.
    Classroom Phone Number:
    Our Two Year Old classroom works with Innovations, The Comprehensive Toddler Curriculum. With the guidance of this curriculum your child is provided the time, space and materials for meaningful interactive experiences that promote their development, enhance their environment and encourage parent participation and involvement. The curriculum focuses on and supports how develpment is encouraged, facilitated and stimulated. It also sees and encourages each child as unique.

    During this time in your child's life there are a ton of verbs and adjectives going on! Talking, problem solving, hungry, sleepy, mad, happy, sad, confused, busy, bored, tired, overly tired, wired, curious, innovative...I mean you name it and somewhere between their 1st and 3rd birthday you'll experience it. It's these changes, emotions and growing sense of awareness that the caregivers in the two-year-old room are not unfamiliar with and are capable of getting you and your child through the year successfully.

    As an enrolled family in the Two's room you will be expected to provide your own diapers/pullups, wipes, blanket, crib sheet (for their nap cot) and extra change of clothes. If there are any food/meal requests or requirements beyond what's provided on the menu, you are welcome to bring that, too.
    We understand and respect the fact that the relationship between a parent and caregiver is a very tender and intimate one.  After all, we do have your precious child in our care all day. There are personal and confidential conversations that have to happen for everybody involved to do and be their best. So please know that all of our caregivers have your child's very best interests at heart in any and all conversations you may have whether is a compliment, a concern or simply informational.
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