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     Our Infant room is
    located in room C106
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    Our infant room works with Innovations, The Comprehensive Infant Curriculum With the guidance of this curriculum our infants are provided the time, space and materials for meaningful interactive experiences that promote their development, enhance their environment and encourage parent participation and involvement. The curriculum focuses on and supports how development is encouraged, facilitated and stimulated. It also sees and encourages each child as unique. 

    Throughout your baby's day they will have activities and opportunities that provide experience with: dramatic play, sensory and art, curiosity (cause and effect), literacy, music & movement, outdoor, project and parent participation and so much more.
    Then there are also the day to day needs of your baby: feeding, diapering, napping...the caregivers have information sheets for you to fill out upon enrollment and update as your baby grows and changes throughout the year.

    As an enrolled family in the infant room you will bring your own diapers, wipes, pre-made bottles or bottles and formula, extra changes of clothes, and (5) crib sheets. Everything will be labeled with baby's first and last name.  Crib sheets will be laundered here between Thursday morning and Friday mornings unless you choose to take crib sheets home on Fridays for laundering.

    The closer to 1 year that your baby gets, our caregivers will already have been supporting and encouraging your baby in stages on their way to walking.  During these later months the caregivers will also work closely with you while transitioning to table foods and whole milk.
    There's a lot that goes on in the very beginning of a child's life.  It can be confusing, scary, exciting and maybe even overwhelming sometimes.  Through any and all of it, know that you have the most passionate, caring and professional caregivers that you and your baby could ask for.
    We understand and respect the fact that the relationship between a parent and caregiver is a very tender and intimate one.  After all, we do have your precious child in our care all day. There are personal and confidential conversations that have to happen for everybody involved to do and be their best. So please know that all of our caregivers have your child's very best interests at heart in any and all conversations you may have whether is a compliment, a concern or simply informational.

    “Playtime is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many other lifelong skills.” ~  "It’s ok NOT to share . . . and other renegade rules for raising competent and compassionate kids," by Heather Shumaker.

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