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    The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four — of secondary importance is to prepare for being five. ~
    Jim Trelease,
    The Read-Aloud Handbook, 1985

    Our Four Year Old room is
    located in room C105
    Classroom Phone Number:480.224.2144



    Our Four Year Old classroom works with the DLM Early Childhood Express Curriculum. This curriculum is a child-centered program that nurtures each child by offering carefully select and carefully sequenced learning experiences. It provides a wealth of materials and ideas to foster the social-emotional, intellectual and physical development of children. At he same time, it nurtures the natural curiosity and sense of self that can serve as the foundation for a lifetime of learning.
    For children to grow intellectually, they must feel confident in their abilities and secure in their relationships with teachers, family members and peers, The DLM Curriculum addresses social-emotional development in a number of ways. Each day provides time and materials to experience Fine Arts, Music & Movement, Science, Social Studies, Health or Safety, Physical Development, and Personal/Social Development. These content areas are built in the days schedule through Circle Time, Group Activities and
    Learning Centers.
    There is so much to pay attention to as your four-year-old grows and progresses towards Kindergarten.  During this year the children are gaining knowledge at a varying paces and in ways we've never imagined.  Their little minds are becoming so much more complex and able to do so many different things from developing greater self-control and ingenuity to comparing data and discussing observations.  From the curriculum to the caregivers, your child is provided a classroom that allows them to learn, grow and develop while having fun and being engaged.


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