Wk 1: July 23rd-26th:
    Wk1 Agenda: Wk1 Agenda
         Tues. July 23rd-
              1. Get-to-Know
              2. Review Website- PRINT: Syllabus, Make-up Work, and Concert Critique 
                 *DUE- Thurs.
              3. Pass Out: Adv. Dance Agreement/ Parent Remind, Dates to Remember, and Permission to Publish- Media Release
              4. Bring clothes to dance Wed. & Fri. 
         Wed. July 24th-
               1. Technique Class
         Thurs. July 25th- 
               1. Review Syllabus, Make-up Work, and Concert Critique
                   *DUE- Mon.- Syllabus Signature
          Fri. July 26th- 
               1. Latin Combo 
               2. Wk1 Journal: 3-2-1 Goals/ Reflection & Promoting Perry Dance, *DUE- Mon
               3. Parent Remind- sign up before Fri @ 12am for student extra credit!! 
    Wk 2: July 29th- Aug. 2nd: 
         Mon. July 29th-
              1. Signatures *DUE- Syllabus, Adv. Dance Agreement, Permission to Publish
              2. Wk1 Journal *DUE
              3. Assign Lockers
              4. Handouts: AzDEO College Connection Expo, Perry College Readiness (juniors & seniors), Technique Training Courses, Automatic Response Auditions, Rogue Dance: Marie Antoinette
              5. *DUE Thurs- binder w/ tabs 
              6. Mandatory Parent Meeting- 6pm, cafeteria  
         Tues. July 30th
              1. Sign up- Turnitin.com, Google Classroom
              2. Dance Commitments 
              3. Car Wash Sign Up 
              4. "PAW"gress Reports
              5. Optional- REGISTER AzDEO College Connections Expo- http://www.azdeo.org/college-expo-info-and-registration.html
         Thurs. Aug. 1st- 
              1. *DUE- binders and tabs
              2. Anatomy Handouts 
          Fri. Aug. 2nd
              1. Email Etiquette
              2. Wk2 Journal- Google Classroom, *DUE Monday @ 7:15am!
         Sat. Aug. 3rd-
              !. Car Wash! 8-1pm, Native New Yorker, Gilbert and Germann Rd. 
    Wk 3: Aug. 5th- Aug. 9TH: 
         Mon. Aug. 5th-
              1.Ballet Technique 
         Tues. Aug. 6th
              1. Ballet Technique 
         Thurs. Aug. 8th- 
              1. Ballet Technique 
              2. Field Trip Opportunity: "Divine Direction" with MusEffect, Sept. 9th, $40
                 *first 50 to pay to bookstore and turn in permission slip 
          Fri. Aug. 9th
              1. Ballet Technique 
    Wk 4: Aug. 12th- Aug. 16th: 
         Mon. Aug. 12th-
              1.NO DRESS
              2. Study Anatomy, RICE, SAFE
         Tues. Aug. 13th
              1. Ballet Technique 
         Wed. Aug. 14th- 
              1. Ballet Technique 
              2. Pass out- Homecoming Carnival Permissino Slip, Due Mon! 
          Thurs. Aug. 15th
              1. Ballet Technique 
    Wk 5: Aug. 19th- Aug. 23rd: 
         Mon. Aug. 19th-
              1.Stretch and Strength 
              2. Adv. Dance T-shirt Order Form- Due Fri
              3. Wk4 Journal- Due Tues
              4. Big/ Lil Questionaire- Due Tues/ Thurs!
              5. Collect Homecoming Carnival Permission Slips 
         Tues. Aug. 20th
              1. Ballet Technique 
              2. Ballet Vocab 
              3. Collect Wk4 Journal!
         Thurs. Aug. 22nd- 
              1. NO DRESS
              2. Anatomy Test  
          Fri. Aug. 23rd
              1. Ballet Technique 
    Sept. 12th: 
    Modern Dance Critiquehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMlq4zDo2us
                  Alvin Ailey's "Sinner Man" (from Revelations) performed on So You Think You Can Dance, 2007. 
                  Music: "Sinner Man" adapted for Alvin Ailey 
                 *Due Mon
    Google Classroom Info:
    Pd. 1: Class Code- 3fnh85c

    Pd. 3: Class Code- 9qm6ol
    Turnitin.com Info:
    Pd. 1: Class ID- 21726454
              Enrollment Key- PerryDance

    Pd. 3: Class ID- 21726608
              Enrollment Key- PerryDance
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    National Honors Society for Dance Arts:
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