March Skills Test: chaine up, chaine down, turning disc, roll to floor and prepare; "All I Am (CLiQ Remix)" by Jess Glynne

    March 25th- March 29th:
    Monday 25th-
              1) NO SCHOOL!

         Tuesday 26th-
              1) Stretch & Strength 
              2) Pirouettes
              3) March Skills Test Practice 

         Wednesday 27th-
              1) NHSDA Meeting: 230pm-3pm, dance room

         Thursday 28th-
              1) Pirouettes
              2) March Skills Test Practice
              3) Concert Choreo 
              4) Select Small Group Pieces (if your piece was listed in red)- Review Choreography 2:30pm, dance room 

         Friday 29th-
               1) Pirouettes
               2) March Skills Test Practice 
               3) Concert Choreo 

    Apr. 1st- Apr. 5th: 

    *Small Group Rehearsals start this week! 

    Monday 1st-
              1) March Skills Test 
              2) NHSDA Induction Ceremony- 6pm, auditorium
                  -set up starts at 4pm (volunteers only)

         Tuesday 2nd-
              *Late start- ACT, 1st hr. 11:50am 
              1) 1st- Concert Choreo 
                  5th- Concert Contract- due Mon!

         Thursday 4th-
              1) 1st- Concert Contract- due Mon!
                  5th- Finish Skills Test 

         Friday 5th-
              1) Concert Choreo
              2) Dance Journal- Due Mon!  

    Apr. 8th- Apr. 12th: 
    Monday 8th-
              1) Signed Concert Contract Due! 
              2) Dance Journal Due! 

         Tuesday 9th-
              1) Concert Choreo & Finale

         Wednesday 10th-
              1) Moveo Application Due via email, sadler.fara@cusd80.com

         Thursday 11th-
              1) Concert Choreo & Finale 
              2) Journal- Due Mon! 

         Friday 12th-
              1) Pep Assembly!

    Apr. 22nd- Apr. 26th: 
    Monday 22nd-
              1) Concert/ Finale T-shirt $ Due!
              2) Concert Choreo & Finale 

         Tuesday 23rd-
              1) Concert Choreo & Finale 

         Wednesday 24th-
              1) Finale Rehearsal- 2:30-4:30pm, Auditorium; all black, hair up, BEST behavior 

         Thursday 25th-
              1) Concert Choreo & Finale 

         Friday 26th-
              1) Concert Choreo & Finale 

    Turnitin.com Info:
    Pd. 1: Class ID- 18497534 
              Enrollment Key- PerryDance

    Pd. 5: Class ID- 18497544
              Enrollment Key- PerryDance
    National Honors Society for Dance Arts:
          *See NHSDA tab to the left for more info!