Wk 5: Aug. 19th- Aug. 23rd: 
         Mon. Aug. 19th-
              1. Pd. 2 & 6- Collect Wk4 Journal
              2. Pd. 5- Wk4 Journal, *Due TUES!
              3. Ballet Technique 
         Tues. Aug. 20th/ Wed. Aug. 21st
              1. Ballet Technique 
              2. Ballet Vocab 
              3. Pd. 5- Collect Wk4 Journal!
         Thurs. Aug. 22nd- 
              1. NO DRESS
              2. Anatomy Test  
          Fri. Aug. 23rd
              1. Ballet Technique 
    Wk 6: Aug. 26th- Aug. 30th: 
         Mon. Aug. 26th-
              1. Collect Wk5 Journal!
              2. Ballet Technique 
         Tues. Aug. 27th/ Wed. Aug. 28th
              1. Ballet Technique 
         Thurs. Aug. 29th- 
              1. Ballet Vocab Test
              2. Ballet Technique  
          Fri. Aug. 30th
              1. Ballet Technique 
    Wk 7: Sept. 2nd- Sept. 6th: 
         Tues. Sept. 3rd/ Wed. Sept. 4th-
              1. Modern Technique
              *Standard 1, 2, 104: "SWBAT identify and use the use of breath, initiation of movement, connectivity, and transition from one movement to another". 
         Thurs. Sept. 5th
              1) NO DRESS 
              2) Wk1 Journal Prompt: 
                  Modern Dance Critiquehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMlq4zDo2us
                  Alvin Ailey's "Sinner Man" (from Revelations) performed on So You Think You Can Dance, 2007. 
                  Music: "Sinner Man" adapted for Alvin Ailey 
                 *Due Mon
          Fri. Sept. 6th
              1. Modern Technique 
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