• Our breakfast and lunch menus are available online. These menus are interactive and allow you to research the nutritional value of items served in our cafeteria. Parents can also prepay their child's lunch account online, as well. For more information on our food services, including an iPhone app, please visit the CUSD Nutrition and Food Services web page.


    The Storm Café opens at 8:30 AM. For $2.25, students can purchase breakfast. See our menu for more information about breakfast options.


    For $3.50, students can build their own tray with their choice of one entrée, two sides, and milk. Other à la carte options are available, as well. See our lunch menu for more details.

    Lunch Schedule:

    3A Lunch 11:26 am – 11:56 am
    3B Lunch 12:00 pm – 12:31 pm
    4A Lunch 12:34 pm – 1:05 pm
    4B Lunch 1:08 pm - 1:39 pm

    Questions regarding lunch? Call the café manager, Jessica Ross at (480) 883-4604.