Ms. Zimpfer
    Drama (semester) and Theater Workshop (year)
              A Brief History of my Life (in the event that you are interested):  I was born in Mesa, Arizona, a 6 pound 7 ounce girl -- to the disappointment of my father who really wanted a boy.  However, he quickly got over that, and together with my mother, he worked diligently to raise my sister and me in Tempe, Arizona.  I had a fairly uneventful, typical childhood. At eighteen, I moved away from home to spread my wings in Seattle, Washington where I attended University of Washington.  However, after two years of utterly innocous rebellion away from home (in the likes of cutting my hair short and one time painting my toenails green), I decided to move to NYC where I attended musical theater school for two years, and then was lucky enough to work in television and theater for four years doing commercials, soaps, and plays.  Yet, after much fun and adventure, health issues beckoned me home to Arizona, where I acquired my Masters in Education so that I could spread my love of learning to secondary students.   
          I started teaching at Santan Junior High in 2007; I taught Language Arts for the first four years, and then began concurrently teaching drama and AVID. I have since transitioned to full time drama, and now I teach both semester drama and a yearlong class entitled Theater Workshop. It has been a dream of mine to teach theater full-time, as I believe that creative outlets are essential for expression and confidence-building in young adults! I absolutely love my job and wake up every day grateful to be able to share my passion for drama with Santan Junior High students! 
    "No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist."
    --Oscar Wilde 
    School Cartoon