• It is VERY important that your child attend my class. Much like PE, we do almost ALL of our work in class.  If you are regularly absent, this will negatively affect your grade.  Drama is all about participation; if you're not here, you're not participating!
    In addition, in drama, we do A LOT of group and partner work.  It is not fair for you to be absent and put all of the work in your group or partner's shoulders. After big group projects, I ask that group members anonymously grade each other, and if they give you a low grade because you were not here, this will also affect your project grade. If you are not here for a group performance, you will be asked to make it up with a large writing assignment.
    Lastly, in addition to BEING IN CLASS, almost thirty percent of your grade will based on your attitude and behavior.  In drama, I like to think of each class as a supportive community, and if you come with a negative attitude, it will poison the special energy we have created.  In addition, if you are negative, this will easily affect how willing/unwilling people in the class will be to get up and perform.  So, come, be happy, and support others in the classroom!
    Positive, active participation
    Performances and presentations
    Theater vocabulary and warm-ups
    Individual and group relfections and analysis