• Dual Enrollment Credit 

    Visit this website to see how your dual credit class will transfer to an in-state college: http://www.aztransfer.com/aztransfer/highschool/
    • Earn Credit less expensively
    • Smaller class environment for learning
    • Proceed through college more quickly
    • If you pass the class with a "C" or higher, you earn credit
    • In-State Universities take the credit
    • You must decide on the credit before the college drop deadline
    • Record of the class goes on your official, permanent college record (can impact financial aid)
    • Some public schools and many private school will not accept credit (contact the school before you pay)
    • Some schools only accept the credit for elective or placement purpose
    Advance Placement
    Visit this website to see what scores you need for college credit:
    • Can be a good way to earn some college credit for work done in high school
    • Nationally recognized
    • Most In- State schools, public and private in and out of state will grant some credit earned scores of 3-5 on the AP exam
    • Course will not show up on a  college transcript until you request credit be applied from College Board. Will not affect your financial aid
    • Selective schools like to see AP classes on student's transcripts due to the course rigor
    • You must earn a score of 3 to 5 on the AP exam at the end of the year to be considered for college credit
    • Not all school have the same course score requirement
    • Not all selective school will give credit for AP
    • You should make sure you are ready for the rigor of an AP class so your GPA isn't adversely affected. You should have a "B+" or better in a regular class to consider an AP course and do not take too many AP courses a once

    Benefits of AP/Dual Enrollment

    • These courses provide Perry students the opportunity to experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of college classes and earn transferable college credits while still in high school.  They enhance students’ ability and skills to do college work and aid students in gaining confidence for college success. By participating in these programs, students can also save money on their college education. A number of high school graduates from the Chandler Unified School District have started college as a sophomore, saving themselves thousands of dollars!