• Make-up Work
    You have the number of excused days missed to make up your work.
    Example: if you miss two consecutive days and it is EXCUSED, you then have two days to complete a make-up assignment. After two days your points will be considered forfeited. If your absence is not excused you may  not make up the points. 
    Make-up work IS REQUIRED any time you are absent or not participating. Yes, even when out on a Dr.'s note or gone on a school trip.  You may use class time to complete certain makeup work if you are not participating. Speak to your coach if you have any questions about make-up work expectations, or if you have an injury that requires certain accomodations.
    You can choose from the below make-up work options for missed classes, practices, or games. Remember you can only complete makeup work when your absence has been excused. You must print the form and follow all instructions to receive the points.
    Athletic Event Option (Missed/ No dress class/practice/ or game):
    Show your support to Perry athletics and attend an entire game/match of your choice. Fill out the form below.
    Article Option (Missed/ No dress class/practice/ or game):
    Read a cheer/dance/gymnastics article. Fill out the form below AND write a one page summary about the article.
    Exercise Option (Missed/No dress class/practice/ or game):
    Attend a nearby exercise class and fill out the below form. Make sure to follow all guidelines.
    Physical Therapy Option (To redeem missed class points):
    When out injured you may attend PT and fill out the log below to redeem class points. Get it signed by your therapist and return to your coach. 
    Missed Weights (Tutoring Only):
    If at any point you have to miss weights for tutoring- you must turn in the below sheet to excuse your absence. Without this sheet makeup work will not be accepted. You must still do make up work as well. 
    Extra Credit
     You can do extra credit up to four times a month. Below are your extra credit options; each option is worth 15 points. You must print the form and follow all directions in order to receive the extra credit. 
    Community Service Option: CLICK HERE
    Cheer Skills Advancement Option: CLICK HERE
    Perry Event Option: CLICK HERE