Perry Cheerleading
    Tryout Information

    *The Cheer tryouts held in the Spring are for current PHS students ONLY.  Per the AIA bylaws transfer students and incoming freshmen can only tryout at our Fall tryout. Exceptions cannot be made by coaches.*

    Parent Meeting PowerPoint: 

    Informational Tryout Packet:

    Tryout Application: 


    Tryout Preparation Camp with TSC:

    Pre-Tryout Parent Meeting: 

    Date: June 28th 

    Time: 6 pm 

    Location: C313

    CLICK HERE for COVID Plan to be followed


    DATES: June 26th-30th

    Time: 4:15 pm- 6:30 pm

    *The 30th will go later*

    Location: Perry HS Small Gym


    Though Freshmen and Transfers cannot try out until July they are all invited to attend summer training. See the tryout packet for dates and times. You must bring a summer waiver to attend. CLICK HERE for the waiver.  

    Recommended Skills

    *We encourage all athletes to try out regardless of experience. You never know what areas you could excel in that earn you a spot on the team*

    Varsity Cheer 

    Standing Tuck Required
    Jumps to tuck required
    Two bhs to tuck required
    Round off back handspring layout required
    • Round off back handspring full/ specialty pass preferred 
    Variety tumbling encouraged
    • Whip through
    • FWO through
    • Cartwheel/ RO tucks
    • Standing bhs to tucks
    • Ariel through
    Advanced stunting skills (Heel Stretch full down, 360s to the top, various release skills)
    Exemplary Jumps including Jumps series to tuck/ bhs tuck
    Dance and Cheer with Proper Motions (Clean and Sharp)
    Exemplary Fitness test score-Fitness test may consist of a timed mile, sprints, sit-ups, and push-ups
    JV Cheer   
    Standing two Back handspring Required
    • Standing tuck preferred
    Round off back handspring tuck required
    • round off back handspring series to tuck/ layout preferred 
    Intermediate Stunt skills (Extension full down, Liberty Cradle, 360 to prep)
    Jumps and Jumps to standing back handspring/ bhs series
    Dance and Cheer  with proper motions (Clean and Sharp!)
    Exemplary Fitness test score- Fitness test may consist of a timed mile, sprints, sit-ups, and push-ups
    Freshman Cheer:

    Standing Back handspring and round off back handspring required.

    Standing tuck and round off back handspring series or preferred. 

    Basic Stunt knowledge (Extension Cradle) Jumps Dance and Cheer  with proper motions Exemplary Fitness test score- Fitness test may consist of a timed mile, sprints, sit-ups, and push-ups

    Competitive Game Day:

     Collegiate style sharp motions, with proper motion placement. Genuine enthusiasm. Clean variety of jumps with proper technique. Standing tuck preferred. 


    Time Commitment:

    All Perry Pom and Cheer athletes are required to cheer at all home football games as well as Girls and Boys home basketball games. Varsity squads will also travel to away football games. All squads could travel for basketball playoffs. There will be other MSE's (Mandatory Spirit Events) such as practices, assemblies, parades, fundraisers, competitions, and team events that will be worth points toward their spiritline class grade.