• Interested in being a Perry Pommie or Cheerleader?
    Things to Know:
    • We are a competitive program
    • If you transfer for the new school year then you will tryout in July
    • If you transferred to PHS during the school year you  may tryout in April/May
    • Check our website frequently for updates
    • Follow us on Twitter to get updates: @PerryPomCheer
    • Follow us on Instagram to get updates: @Perrycheer_official @Perrypommies
    • Look at the tryout requirements for the team you would like to make 
    • Pom and Cheer is a class period- we do also have additional practices throughout the week
      • Our class practices run 7 am-1st hour
    • Pom and Cheer counts as a PE credit
    • There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting prior to tryouts
    • There will be a MANDATORY post tryout meeting if you make the team
    • Freshman can make higher squads on cheer, freshman can only make game day pom
    • You must be cleared through register my athlete before tryouts
    • Pom and Cheer is a year-long sport
    • There are outside of school hour practices
    • Our Pom and Cheer teams have high expectations of our athletes.
    • Pom and Cheer is expensive!! BUT we fundraise!
    • Pom and Cheer is hard work, but A LOT of fun!

    Pom Skill requirements

    To be on the Pom team members are expected to display an exemplary image and attitude. Willingness and ability to take direction are of the utmost importance. Additionally strong showmanship in front of a crowd is required. A 2.0 minimum is preferred.

    • Triple Pirouette (Working on a quad)
    • Double leg hold turn
    • Advanced turn combinations (a la second turns, changing spots, floats, etc.)
    • Advanced jumps/leaps 
    • Calypsos
    • Switch Leap
    • Strong Pom motions

    Cheer skill requirements:

    *All squads will need to perform a dance, a cheer, jumps, a jump sequence, and complete a fitness test (Fitness test may consist of a timed mile, sprints, and push-ups). Stunting and tumbling will be part of the evaluation process. Additionally, academic eligibility will be evaluated based on recommendation letters and grades. Please see our tryout tab for specific skill requirements*



    Freshman and Transfers will also need:

    • Letter(s) of recommendation from a past coach and end of year grade print out