• McKenna and Tatiana
    Some Common Questions Answered
    Q:  Does Perry have a JV Pom team?
    A:  Yes!  The 2021-2022 season will be our first year to have a JV pom team at  Perry. 
    Q:  Will the JV pom team compete?
    A:  Yes!  We can't wait to get this team on the competition floor. 
    Q:  Who can make JV pom?
    A: Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
    Q:  Who can make the Varsity Pom team?
    A:  Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 
    Q:  How many girls will make the Pom team?
    A:  Our numbers vary based on the talent that tryout.
    Q:  Does Pom compete?
    A:  Yes! Coaches decide who will compete on our competition POM team and our competition Jazz team. Alternates are also choosen for competition. 
    Q:  What does an alternate get to do?
    A:  Alternates cheer and perform at games, attend all practices and competitions. At competitions, they are dressed in our team gear and cheer on our team!!!  At ANY time an alternate can be asked to compete.
    Q:  Can my daughter play a sport and be on Pom?
    A:  Yes and No :)  Some sports that don't typically interfere with Pom might work for your daughter.  Please talk to all coaches involved, so you can make an informed choice before tryouts.
    Q:  What skills should I be working on for tryouts?
    A:  Turns in second (with changing spot, helicopter, sails, etc), leaps (switch), pirouettes (quad), leg turns, ariels, front walk-overs, strong performance skills, and sharp cheer motions.