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    Tips From the 2015 Graduates!

    4th period 2015 6th period 2015
    "Senior year is your last year (hopefully); so, make the best of it. Make your mark on PHS and have an impact. This is your time to be "out there" so don't hide in the shadows of others. Make goals and work to reach them." -Emily Romer
    "Enjoy yourself. It's almost over and it is so bittersweet. This year can be easy, just get the work done and do not over think it. I wish I understood how fast time goes by." -Brock Heffron
    "Don't wait until the last minute to finish your senior project. I wish I didn't do that." -Austin Phillips
    "This is your last step, your last shot, and if you mess this up you won't graduate. So make sure you do everything right." -Jake Wetsel 
    "Start now, make a plan. Don't wait to do your projects; don't flirt with failing." -Thailand Gatlin
    "It goes by fast and you have to be ready for after high school. Sign up for scholarships early and do all your work...don't miss too many days, and be on time." - Breanne Babb
    "Carpe Diem. Don't think it couldn't go any faster, trust me by the end of it you'll wish it went slower. Enjoy it!" -Asante Dickson
    "Finish strong and don't blow off any assignments because you fall behind real fast." -Knowing Senior
    "Don't give up yet! You still have a year to complete. It may be an easier school year, but the grades still count for college and graduation. Also, become friends with your teachers...they can help make or break your future plans. Lastly, have fun, senior year is usually the best year." - Sabrina Clark
    "Take the college portfolio seriously, you learn a lot from it." -Savannah Fuller
    "You are almost done. Stick it out and keep working until the end. The year goes fast, make the most of every moment." -Kyle Gustafson
    "Do every assignment, you could use the fluff points." -Karleigh Baxter
    "At this point you may think you know everything, you don't." -Max Wetsel 
    "Do your work, make memories, you'll miss this stuff. Start your senior project early." -Tech Support (Vansh Sood)
    "Make the most out of these memories, once they pass you can never get this back. Also, apply to colleges before Christmas break." -Gabby Ybarra