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Culinary Arts Courses

  • Culinary Arts 1

    Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

    Full Year/1 Credit. Introduces students to the theory and practice of the basic fundamentals of cooking. Emphasis is on safety, sanitation, terminology, measurements, nutrition, knife skills and basic cuts. Food topics include but are not limited to fruits, vegetables, desserts, cookies, cakes, quick breads and yeast breads, garde manger and soups.

    Culinary Arts II

    Grades: 10, 11, 12

    Full Year/1 Credit. Builds upon the fundamental techniques learned in Culinary Arts 1 with exploration of various cooking techniques and preparation methods for full meals. First semester has a focus on baking. Second semester focuses on soups, sauces, and meat fabrication. Membership in FCCLA is required.

    Culinary Arts III

    Grades: 11, 12

    Full Year 1 Credit - May be repeated for credit. Extension of catering, hospitality, and food production. Students are required to participate in a number of catering events throughout the year. Membership in FCCLA is required. Students will also have the opportunity to compete for scholarships through C-CAP

    Prerequisite for all classes:

    Maricopa County Food Handler Card which can be obtained here:

    Dual enrollment available for every semester of Culinary Arts through Scottsdale Community College. If taken all 6 semesters, students can earn an SCC Certificate in Culinary Fundamentals.

    FCCLA -

    CCAP -

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