• Academic Information


    Homework is designed to help students learn concepts and practice problem solving skills. A

    student who does not complete homework assignments will not be successful in this chemistry

    course. It is understood (and encouraged!) that students may work together on assignments;

    however merely copying another student's work is not beneficial. Please keep the following in

    mind when completing homework assignments:

    1. Homework is due at the beginning of the class on the due date. As a general rule, no late

    homework assignments will be accepted except for an excused absence in accordance with

    school policy. If it is not turned in when the bell rings, it is considered late. 

    2. Each assignment submitted must contain your name, class period, and date. Papers submitted

    without names may not be graded.

    3. All homework must be legible. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.

    4. Work must be completed using the methods described in class, showing work and units as


    5. Homework will be graded as follows:

    a. Homework will be stamped for completion.

    b. Students will have the opportunity to check their answers and asks questions.

    c. Homework will be collected at the end of each unit and graded based on completion. Full

    credit is earned if worksheet is complete and had the correct daily stamp, partical credit is

    earned if it is complete but has no stamp, and no credit is earned if the work is missing or

    incomplete with no stamp.



    Grades are be based on weighted categories as follows:

    Assessments 65%

    (Tests, quizzes) 

    Assignments 35%

    (Homework/homework quizzes, classwork, Labs) 



    In accordance with school policy, the final exam represents 20% of the full semester grade.

    Extra Credit

    A minimal amount of extra credit may be offered to the entire class however it is not designed to

    rescue a student’s grade at the end of the semester. Students are expected to make their best

    effort throughout the grading period.


    Labs are an important part of this course. Lab safety is a very serious matter and students will be

    closely monitored for compliance with lab procedures. Students and parents are expected to sign

    a separate safety information contract. The following violations will result in student removal

    from the lab and a zero on the lab activity:


    •  Failure to wear eyes goggles while working in the lab
    •  Engaging in horseplay or unapproved activities
    •  Lack of preparedness for the lab activity
    •  Acting in an unsafe manner that puts student and others at risk