• Behavior Expectations and Electronic Devices


    •  Students will respect the teacher, each other, and PHS property.
    •  Students will come to class on time and be in their assigned seats when the bell rings, prepared to learn.
    •  Students will abide by all PHS guidelines for students.
    •  Students will comply with all safety rules, including no food or drink in classroom, except water.

    Consequences for Students Not Meeting Expectations

    •  Students will be warned and asked to change behavior. Continued offenses will result inparent contact and/or referral to administration.
    •  Students will be immediately removed from lab for unsafe behavior and referred toadministration with possible loss of credit for lab activity.

    Electronic Devices

    Electronic devices are distracting to the student using them and to those around him/her. To

    avoid this interference with class activities, students must keep electronic devices out of sight

    and unused while in class. Electronic devices that are visible during class will be confiscated and

    may be retrieved from the attendance office at the end of the school day.

    Absolutely no still or video photography is allowed in class without specific permission.