• Infinite Campus

    It is my goal to keep grades on Infinite Campus as current as possible. I turn around homework

    and tests very quickly so what you see on IC is current.

    For students:

    As young adults, I expect you to take ownership and be proactive about checking your grade on

    IC at least weekly. By doing so, you can find out if you have a missing homework assignment or

    assessment so we can deal with this in a timely manner. You will also find copies of most

    worksheets, links to videos, and references attached to assignments in IC. You can also double

    check that grades are entered accurately.

    For parents:

    Please check your child’s grade regularly throughout each semester. If you notice a decline in

    performance, please contact me ASAP so we can intervene before it’s too late!

    Accessing Infinite Campus:

    Information on accessing IC is provided early in the school year. Please resolve password issues

    promptly via your grade level administrator. IC can be accessed from computers on campus as

    well as from smart phones.