• Cheating and Plagiarism

    It is expected that students work independently on quizzes, tests, lab reports, and other

    assignments as directed.

    What is Cheating?

    Copying the homework, lab reports, or other assignments from other students and exchanging

    information during tests and quizzes is considered cheating. Sharing answers constitutes cheating

    on the part of the student providing the information as well as the student receiving the

    information and both students will face disciplinary consequences.

    In the science laboratory, falsification of data is also considered cheating.

    What is Plagiarism?

    Examples of plagiarism are copying work from the Internet without appropriate attribution or

    using someone’s work without saying so. Work must be cited using AMA formatting.


    Incidents of plagiarism and cheating will be documented and reported to parents and the

    administration according to school policy:


    •  First Offense: A phone call to parents, a zero on the assignment.
    •  Second Offense: A zero on the assignment, a referral to the administration, possible ISS/OCS
    •  Third Offense: The student will be dropped from the class with an “F”.