Thank you for considering Perry High School as your school choice for the next four years. The Perry High School mathematics department is excited to have more than a dozen courses within its program. Freshman students have option to take regular Algebra 1 class, as well as a few other upper-level and honor-level mathematics classes.  

    During the students 4-year tenure at Perry, they have the option to take an array of mathematics classes, many of which are offered for Advanced Placement (AP) credit, or Dual Enrollment credit through Chandler Gilbert Community College. In fact, through our current program, every senior mathematics student (regular and advanced) has an opportunity to take a Dual Enrollment mathematics classes for community college credit. Many students graduate from Perry High School having satisfied their college mathematics requirement before they even set foot on the college or university campus.  

    Perry High School mathematics department offers after-school tutoring four day per week for those who need additional assistance, while offering a STEM and STEM SCHOLAR Diploma program for those students who have stronger interests in the Science, Mathematics and Technology fields. University-level Engineering classes are also offered at Perry High School for university credit through Embry Riddle University. Please see Fred Mann in the counseling department for further interest.  

    Finally, for those who are taking Honors Geometry, or the highly popular Honors Geometry/Alg 2 block class their freshman year, please see Mr. Keith Castillo’s teacher home page for the summer review assignment. https://www.cusd80.com/Domain/3329



    Dr. Thomas Rothery

    Math Department Chair



    Honors Geometry Summer Packet


    (H. Block) Welcome Letter to Students/Parents