Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello! 

    The Perry HS World Languages Team would like to welcome your family and your perspective student to Perry HS. 

    The World Language department at Perry High School aspires to develop fluency in a second language, as a comparative expression of thinking, feeling and the ability to create an awareness of other cultures.  Our language program develops global awareness by enabling students to communicate in a second language at various levels of sophistication, discover new and different cultures, and become global citizens. 

    The nature of our language classes creates a deeper understanding of ideas that transcend other disciplines generating meaningful connections between studies and the real world. At Perry High School, we offer Spanish, French, German and American Sign Language, with a Dual Enrollment component and Advanced Placement opportunities.  

    We believe in the immersive approach. Constant exposure to a language and its culture is the best way for students to acquire authentic understanding. We are a dynamic community of teachers with widely varying backgrounds, interests, and theoretical approaches that bring the language experience into the classroom. All of our teachers are committed to giving your student the best language and most authentic experience. 

    Thank you, and we hope to meet you soon. 


    Mrs. Norma Rios

    World Language Department Chair



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