Welcome to our 8th Grade Curriculum Night! The counselors here at Perry are excited to welcome the class of 2025! Students at Perry are assigned a counselor by their last name, not by grade level. This allows for siblings in different grades with the same last name to be assigned the same counselor. Every 8th grade student from our main feeder schools (Santan, Payne, and Willis) will have Perry counselors picking up their registration forms on site. The pickup dates for registration are as follows:


    Junior High School Registration Pick Up

    February 9 - Payne Jr. High

    February 11 - Willis Jr. High

    February 12 – Santan Jr. High


    Each student at the feeder schools will be meeting one on one with a Perry counselor to confirm their course selections for next year and answer any questions.

    If your student is in boundary for Perry High School but does not attend a CUSD feeder school, course selections will be obtained after you complete your New Student Registration and Enrollment application.


    Enjoy the rest of the evening and welcome Class of 2025 to Puma Nation!


    Mrs. Kirstin Gregg

    Department Chair



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    Mrs. Lindsay Taylor, PHS Social Worker