Thank you for taking the time to visit the Special Education Department website. Throughout this website you will find important information that will help you succeed this year; please use the resources provided.

    I am an educational leader. My goal is to maintain a strong Special Education Department to provide the services students require to become independent and successful at their ability level and beyond. I have been a Special Education Teacher for over twenty years. My career began in Gadsden, New Mexico; I traversed to Arizona and taught at McClintock High School in Tempe, Arizona. Now Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona is my home. I have a BA Arts and Sciences in Special Education and Secondary Language Arts with an emphasis in Communication. I earned my Masters in Advanced Certification in Special Education from Northern Arizona University. Most recently, I have become a National Board Certified Teacher for Exceptional Students. It is an honor to teach your students.

    I believe that every person can learn. I believe that high school is a transition period that provides students the opportunity to explore, learn and become the humans they want to be in life. My classroom, office, the school I work in is the safe venue for the educational and life interactions they must work through during this transition period. I believe students should have the opportunity to do this work safely and be proud of themselves and the decisions they have made with the support they require.


    Mrs. Shara Billings

    Special Education Department Chair



    Please visit our website for current Special Education information (which includes Puma Pals and being a Peer Facilitator)

    Special Education