Hello, welcome to our virtual 8th grade open house.  My name is Jason Myers.  I am the department chair for the Social Studies department here at Perry high School.

    Social Studies, as a discipline, helps people understand how we interact and relate to others in a society.  Its’ study contributes to student’s moral development by allowing them to study the decisions made by individuals in the past and then test his or her own moral sense against those decisions. 

    Students need three Social Studies credits to graduate.  Here at Perry High School your students have lots of  opportunities to earn those three credits. 

    Freshman year, they take world history.  Electives like AP Human Geography, psychology, and the Cold War, are available their sophomore year.  Junior year students take American history, and senior year students round out their experience with classes in government and economics.  I am pleased to tell you that at Perry, your students will be able to work with a committed group of skilled and professional educators.  We offer Advanced Placement and dual enrollment options for many of these courses.

    From all of us in the Social Studies department, welcome to Perry High School. You can look forward to a great high school experience.


    Mr. Jason Myers

    Department Chair Social Studies



    Social Studies