Dual Enrollment with CGCC

            For students taking French 3 and French 4, you may dual enroll with Chandler-Gilbert Community College to receive college credit for your course work.  Each year counts as 8 college credits.  The courses offered are as follows:
    Perry High                   CGCC                       Course Name          Class #      Prerequisites 
    Honors/AP French 3     FRE 101/FRE 102     Elem. French I/II       44553       None
    Honors/AP French 4     FRE 201/FRE 202     Interm. French I/II     37636       "C" or better in FRE 101
    You may take Dual Enrollment AND AP French together!
    • Allows you to complete college credits that apply toward meeting your general education and foreign language requirements in college
    • Alleviates need to complete foreign language once in college allowing more focus on area of study.
    • Minimizes the drop in GPA that is experienced by most community college students when they transfer to the university.
    • Provides a cost effective jump-start on a college education, allowing students to earn a 4-year degree in 3 to 4 years.
    • Allows for college credits transfer, instead of the transferability being dependent on an advanced placement (AP) test score.
    If you have questions about how dual enrollment transfers to your preferred institution, you can review the following link for the AZ Course Equivalency Guide  
    The following links will assist you in exploring your options with Dual Enrollment.  It is my hope that you take advantage of this great opportunity.

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