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    The French National Honor Society promotes the French language and culture in schools.


    The French National Honor Society is an organization that promotes scholarship and the study of the French language.   The French National Honor Society chapters organize events and activities for their schools in order to promote the French language and culture within the school community. Students must meet specific requirements for French National Honor Society membership. 



    The sponsor for any French National Honor Society must be a member of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). 


    General Requirements

    In general, a student must meet the requirements set forth by the society. A student who wishes to become a member of the French National Honor Society must maintain high scholarship in general and specifically in French classes. This means that he must have earned an A average for their French classes overall and a B average overall for the rest of his/her courses. 



    Students who wish to become members in the society must be taking a French class at the time of their application for membership. The student must study a minimum of six semesters of French to qualify.  Prior to induction, they must have studied at least four semesters of French; in other words, they must be in their second semester of French Two or higher and registered for a French course the following year. Students must be in 10th grade or higher unless they have excelled to the level of French Two or higher in ninth grade because of having French courses during middle school. Transfer students who apply must attend their new school for at least one full semester before applying. Individual chapters may accept students into their organizations at any time during the year. 



    Members of the French National Honor Society will receive cords to be worn at graduation as a symbol of their academic achievement.  

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