• Tax Credit

    French Club Succeeds Because of your Generous Contributions

    You can donate to your son or daughter's French Club and reduce your income tax!!  The following are benefits of supporting your child's after school activities with the “extracurricular tax credit”: 

    • Reduce the amount of money your owe for your AZ income tax 
    • Increase your refund from AZ income tax 
    • Funds available for cultural trips and life-enhancing activities 
    • Funds go directly to the French Club (Not to the school or the State) 
    • YOU have a say in where your contributions are allocated!! 
    • You may donate up to $400 (joint filing) or $200 (individual). 
    • Your child benefits in receiving quality extra-curricular involvement 


    Question & Answers


    Q:   What is a Tax Credit?

    A:  A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax owed.  Qualifying contributions ($400 married couples filing jointly; $200 individual), can be claimed on personal Arizona income taxes to reduce the amount owed or increase the refund.


    Q:  Tax credit, tax deduction… what is the difference?

    A:  A tax deduction allows you to subtract the amount of a contribution from the amount of your taxable income.  Although donations to public schools have been tax deductible in previous years, a tax credit allows the contributor to subtract the amount of the qualifying tax credit from the money owed for state taxes. 


    Q:  I don’t owe the state or am entitled to a refund… will I still benefit?

    A:  Yes!  An Arizona taxpayer can go from owing the State money to receiving a refund or increasing their refund through their Arizona tax return.


    Q:  Who can contribute?

    A:  Any Arizona taxpayer can make a tax credit donation, regardless of whether or not they have a child in school or live in the Chandler Unified School District. 


    Q:  Can I choose who or what my contribution benefits?

    A:  Yes!  You can designate the allocation of your contribution.


    How to Contribute…


    Complete the following Extracurricular Activity Tax Credit Contribution Response Form

    - or -

    Donate online at https://chandler.mytechsupport.com/eca/ 


    For more detailed information about the Extracurricular Tax Credit, please review the informational Tax Credit FAQ Sheet


    Merci Beaucoup!!



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