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Position: French grades 9-12
Room: C405  Google Classroom
Phone: (480) 224-3125
Email: Nichols

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Bienvenue! I'm so very happy that you're interested in French!

My Education and Professional Background

Masters of Secondary Education: Arizona State University Bachelors of French: University of Arizona, Bachelors of Linguistics: University of Arizona

My Educational Philosophy

I think the purpose of education is to teach future generations the basic skills and knowledge to complete in a global economy and every globally minded world through the communication and secifically international communications in French. It is important that students learn through practical application and real life usage of the content. I want my student to enjoy the process of learning and to become engaged in the learning process. I want my students to feel like thay are learning infor mation personal to them, that is interesting and applicable internationally. I also beleive it is important for students to work hands on with minds engaged in order to fully live the content. As a teacher I want to mold my students to become future world leaders who promote the understanding of French langauge and francophone cultures.

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