• Chandler Online Academy Late Work Policy


    • Late work submission will be deducted as follows:
      • 1 – 5 days = 10% deduction
      • 6 – 10 days = 20% deduction
      • 11 – 15 days = 30% deduction
      • >15 days = No Credit



    • Late work policy will be posted on the Chandler Online Academy website and included in the student handbook.
    • Administration will include the late work policy on the welcome letter emailed to all students/parents.
    • Teachers will include late work policy on their introduction pages, as well as on class correspondence throughout the course.



    • Teachers will email student/parents to inform them of the grade ramifications and encourage the student to submit all assignments as quickly as possible.
    • After teacher communication and continued inactivity, teachers will communicate the situation to administration and administration will contact parent to inform parent of grade ramifications and/or likelihood of student success in the class.