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    Engaging, Interactive, Rigorous and Research-based
    Chandler Online Academy courses were created, and are continuously updated, by experienced instructional designers working together with subject area experts.  Based on principles of effective e-learning combined with universal cognitive learning theories, COA online courses combine state of the art technology with proven learning theories to provide students with material they can utilize to both achieve learning goals and gain 21st Century skills.  The e-learning courses offered by Chandler Online Academy have been used to effectively support online learning for hundreds of thousands of students around the world.  In addition to the best-in-breed digital curriculum and online learning platform, experienced CUSD teachers support COA students in online learning and course completion.  

    From this foundation of tested and proven online instructional effectiveness, CUSD's experienced curriculum development specialists and Chandler Online Academy's experts in online instruction have gone a step further to evaluate, supplement, and enhance our digital courses to ensure they are aligned to Arizona State Standards, provide a rigorous learning experience that will adequately prepare students for future academic pursuits, and reflect the quality and standards that are characteristic of CUSD.  By combining a high level of interaction and support from qualified teachers with engaging and proven e-learning material and methodologies, COA is able to offer our students the best online educational experience available.


    Chandler Online Academy is accredited by Cognia


    All Chandler Online Academy core courses have been placed on the Approved Course List by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

    The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for student athletes and establishes standards for educational credits that can be applied toward high school graduation and distribution of scholarship funds.  The NCAA has standards that are specific to online and distance learning schools and coursework.  


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