• Tuition-Payer 

    The fee for Tuition-Payer enrollment in each 0.5 credit online class with COA is $160.00. Students can take no more than 2 classes at a time. *AP classes are only available for Tuition-Payer enrollment for students needing credit recovery or grade replacement (students who previously took the AP class but did not earn a passing grade)  ***Proof of residency documentation must be provided to our office before enrollment will be complete.

    Tuition-Payer enrollment is appropriate for:

    • CUSD Students:  Enrolled in a full schedule (6 classes) at a CUSD school or who need to take an online class for credit recovery (replacement of a failing grade) or grade replacement (replacement of a lower grade)

    • Non-CUSD Students:  Students are enrolled in a school that is not part of Chandler Unified School District (CUSD)

    Payment is made through the Infinite Campus Portal

    • CUSD students: You should already have an Infinite Campus account, please click on the link and follow the directions below. If you don’t know how to log in to your portal account or you cannot remember your password, please call your child’s school. Each school has a portal manager that can assist with creating and/or logging in to an account.
    • Non-CUSD Students:  If your child attends a school that is not part of CUSD and you do not already have an Infinite Campus account, you will receive an email from “campus no reply” with an activation key and instructions to establish an account in Infinite Campus. 
    Steps to enroll as a Tuition-Payer student with Chandler Online Academy 
    1. Meet with the guidance counselor at your home school to decide which Chandler Online Academy online course/s you will enroll in. Tuition-Payer students taking a course with a prerequisite requirement must provide transcripts in order to complete enrollment.

    2. Review the Tuition-Payer Enrollment description, requirements, and policies on the "Part-Time/Tuition-Payer Online Enrollment" page on our website to be sure the student will be able to meet all program progress and attendance requirements.

    3. Complete the enrollment application for Tuition-Payer enrollment by clicking the link below and submit your proof of residency documentation to our office.  Submit all required documents, scan or email to: LedesmaFimbres.Roxanna@cusd80.com.  Be sure to provide accurate contact information and carefully choose the correct class and semester. 

    4. After you submit the enrollment form, you will receive an email within 2 business days containing instructions to pay online through Infinite Campus. 

    5. Receive the email with instructions for making payment within 2 business days.  Follow the instructions to log in to Infinite Campus and pay to complete registration.

    6. Receive the Welcome Email containing the link to log in and a username/password to access the online classroom by 8:00 am of your Tuesday start date.  ALL COURSES WILL HAVE A START DATE of the Tuesday after the enrollment is received.

    7. Students must log in within 2 days of receiving the Welcome Email and begin submitting all assignments according to the due dates on the Due Soon List.  

    8. Find the "Target End Date." to the right of each online course under "My Courses" upon logging in for the first time so you know when the course must be completed.  Watch for assignments as they become due and appear on the "Due Soon List" on the left side of the screen and monitor your grade and progress on the "Grades" page for each class.  You must submit all assignments when they are due and complete all assignments and assessments AND YOUR FINAL EXAM by the "Target End Date." 




    Click to Enroll as a Tuition-Payer for the 2021-2022 school year: Tuition-Payer Application  - Application must be completed using Google Chrome